Broadcast news, especially 24×7 rolling news, is a demanding environment. News organisations have a duty to tell difficult stories but, in most jurisdictions, regulation prohibits the use of graphic imagery.

In the modern era, when output can be consumed anytime, anywhere on smartphones, news organisations must also be wary of reporting fake news or exaggerated claims that could be further amplified via social media. The volume of content being produced is overwhelming human capabilities to manage, moderate and exploit.

One IBC Accelerator is aiming to prove the potential and value of conducting real-time, AI-driven content moderation on live broadcast content at scale and speed. Led by Al Jazeera, this proof-of-concept will leverage developments in post-production content moderation and metadata enrichment to drive similar capabilities and value for live streamed content.

Bringing together the traditionally disparate functions of live technical QC, digital rights management and content moderation for editorial and regulatory compliance in a single workflow, the Accelerator aims to enable media organisations to protect the integrity of their content and brands, the interests of their audiences while achieving significant efficiencies.

The 2020 Accelerator builds on two projects that were part of the Catalyst programme that reached its culmination at IBC2019. In one, Al Jazeera, RTÉ and Associated Press (AP) used AI to automate the identification of on-air content and measure it against compliance metrics defined by regulators. The second project, in which Al Jazeera, RTÉ and AP were joined by BT, used AI-powered compression to improve time-to-air for live for journalists using mobiles for news gathering.

This year’s Accelerator moves the focus onto moderating incoming video in near-real time.

As project lead, Al Jazeera Media Network head of media, emerging platforms, Grant Totten, says that the ideal would be to be able to complete the moderation process in the ~10 second playout delay built into typical newsroom workflows.


Accelerator Title: Live Content Moderation

Champions: Al Jazeera, RTÉ, Reuters, Associated Press (AP), BBC

Participants: Metaliquid, TV Conal



Article Link: https://www.ibc.org/trends/ibc2020-accelerators-live-content-moderation/6051.article



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